Business Sector – Commercial Aviation

  • Commercial Aviation – Aero-structures, Systems and Interiors

  • Advanced Manufacturing (and Design & Engineering)

  • Sector in South Africa – (CAMASA):

›› 50 companies active

›› Export R3.0b annually

›› 40% Added Value (Local content)

›› Employ 3 000+ people in high skill jobs

›› Train 600+ people annually

›› 90% of activity in Gauteng and Cape Town region


Outcomes for the Commercial Aerospace Manufacturing Sector

  • Doubling manufactured Exports over a period of five years

  • Localisation of imports of materials and components

  • Growing Sector employment by 60% in high-tech jobs

  • Transformation of the Sector including Ownership, Skills- and Supplier Development with particular emphasis on Black Industrialisation;

  • Leveraging and deploying the Advanced Manufacturing Skills

  • Driving the industrialization and commercial deployment of leading edge Technologies such as Additive Manufacturing

  • Establishing a Best-Practice Advanced Manufacturing Hub by applying Advanced Manufacturing Best Practices to the CAV  and possibly other regional off-shoots;

  • Promote direct partnerships with international OEM’s and/or Technology partners, to demonstrate and showcase local industry capabilities and capacities to collaborate

  • Forging stronger ties with global Aviation and Advanced Manufacturing companies.

Commercial Aviation Manufacturing Industry in South Africa

IPAP 2017