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Advanced Aerospace Manufacturing in South Africa

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Aerosud is an established supplier of aero structure components and aircraft interior
systems with more than 25 years experience in product development and complex
industrialisation projects.

With the in-house availability of multiple manufacturing technologies together with
on time delivery and unquestionable quality, Aerosud is able to provide a competitive
total cost of business solution.


Our strive to be an ever flourishing company is driven through our investments in
research and development focused on complex metallic and thermoplastic forming,
additive manufacturing and advanced composite manufacturing techniques. In addition
our know-how in robotics and automation as well as collaboration in various
Industry 4.0 initiatives guarantees the continuation of our world class value offering.


Tel: +27 12 662 5000

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“Your trusted partner for business and digital transformation.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital transformation have become major strategic drivers to ensure future success. 


Many organisations do not know how to start this transformation process or how to use it to their benefit or why digital transformation even applies to them. Furthermore, when an organisation decides to embrace this change they face the challenge of where to find the applicable know-how to make the right changes and to deal with the issues that will be faced.


Future technology is not as daunting as it may seem but it does require decisive planning and actions in order for businesses to withstand the threat of disruption and to thrive in an ever evolving environment.


Over the past thirty years Aerosud has gained real-life skills and experience across multiple business functions and systems in the innovative and competitive world of aerospace design and manufacturing and has become an internationally recognised supplier to the most significant aircraft manufacturer’s such as Boeing and Airbus. With this experience we have developed unique techniques to deal with business challenges and to find new opportunities. We are product agnostic and focus on satisfying our customers’ needs through the leveraging of existing and new technologies, best practices, and our unique skill sets as well as being able to identify the right resources via access to best-of-breed eco-systems.


We believe that we can share and transfer our skills and know-how to other business in such a way that it provides workable solutions that have a measurable effect on the growth and development of a business.


Our services and offerings we provide range from fit for purpose Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions through to industrial and business process automation as well as lean and agile management methodologies. Included in our services and often overlooked are the softer skills that are crucial in order to ensure a successful transformation.


For more information on our services please contact us on


Aerosud Technology Solutions (ATS) is a subsidiary of Aerosud Holdings and holds the intellectual property for Cellular core Technology (CCT).

CCT is a revolutionary manufacturing method for composite structures. This manufacturing technique provides the opportunity for assemblies consisting of multiple components to be manufactured in one piece, resulting in significant cost and weight reductions. A further advantage of CCT is that it uses existing material and process specifications thus avoiding any new qualification efforts. With many demonstrator components successfully manufactured for several OEM’s and Tier 1 customers, it is clear that CCT is a relevant technology with significant growth potential.

CCT together with a new structural composite facility further enhances Aerosud’s drive to be recognised as a world class manufacturer of aerostructure components providing a competitive total cost of business.

Tel: +27 12 662 5000


Purpose of CAMASA
Establishment of a Growth-Bilateral between Government and Industry to significantly boost
South African Commercial Aerospace Manufactoring Exports through:
  • Public-Private partnership
  • Integrated Industry Growth Plan
  • Expanding Advanced Manufacturing
  • Future-orientated Competitiveness (IoT, Ind 4.0)
  • Labour Engagement & Skills Development

Business Sector - Commercial Aerospace
  • Commercial Aerospace - Aero-structures, Systems and Interiors
  • Advanced Manufacturing (and Design & Engineering)
  • Sector in South Africa - (CAMASA):
     = 100 companies active
     = Export R3.0b annually
     = 40% Added Value (Local content)
     = Employ 3 000+ people in high skill jobs
     = Train 600+ people annually
     = 90% of activity in Gauteng and Cape Town region.

Tel: +27 (0) 12 662 5000/5010


African NDT Centre provides Non-Destructive Testing services to international standards and practices in both the general and aerospace industries:

  • through our Airbus/Nadcap approved testing facilities and our French NANDTB  qualified technicians.

  • through our British Institute of NDT (BINDT) approved training and qualification centre in Centurion

  • through the ground-breaking NDT level 3 consultation services by our team  of general and aerospace independently certified consultants.

  • through our robust AS/EN 9100 and BS/EN/ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

  • through our development and fostering of sustainable business relationships.

Tel: +27 12 665 3248 | Fax: +27 12 665 4749


ADEPT Airmotive is a dynamic organization, which was founded with the vision to design, develop and manufacture a range of modern, multi-fuel tolerant, high performance, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly General Aviation engines to meet the demands of new generation aircraft.

ADEPT’s award winning team recognized that the combination of impending regulatory changes, environmental legislation, the “green” economy, the convergence of technologies such as Electronic Flight information Systems, Digital Electronic Control systems, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing and other innovative technologies would underpin the engine of the future.

The organization comprises of two entities:

  • Airmotive Technology (Pty) Ltd – Technology development; Prototyping; Applictions engineering; Testing; Brand development and promotion.

  • ADEPT Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd – Advanced manufacturing of components; 


Engine assembly

Through effective collaboration with established development, manufacturing and aviation industry partners, ADEPT engines are poised to become the powerplant of choice in the General Aviation industry.

Tel: +27 79 178 7154


AeroStruct Consulting CC was established in 2006 as an engineering consultancy for the general aviation industry. We are a SACAA-approved Design Organisation (DO672) based at Wonderboom Airport near Pretoria.

We are organised to provide aeronautical product design, development, testing and certification services to a wide range of customers in the aviation industry.


Our services include:

  • Aeronautical design: Aerodynamic, structural and system design from concept       to detailed design. Minor modification and repair scheme designs and approvals.

  • Product development: Prototype manufacture and improvements throughout the development phase.

  • Product evaluation: Testing including functional tests, static and dynamic loading tests and flight tests for purposes of design approval and certification.

  • Certification: Type certification and supplemental type certification for new products, parts and appliances, and design changes to existing products. 

  • Organisational approvals in terms of the SA Civil  Aviation Regulations.

The engineering team at AeroStruct have over 40 years’ experience in design of composite products and parts for the aviation industry, including five complete aircraft of which four were series manufactured and one was the first type certified aircraft in South Africa.

We are available and eager to offer our services to your enterprise.

Tel: +27 12 543 1381 / +27 79 493 9092
Email: /


Dynamic Aerotech (Pty) Ltd is a recently founded manufacturing company that aims to 
establish itself within the manufacturing space by creating an in-house efficient end to end manufacturing of parts and components for the following industries:

  • Aerospace 

  • Mining

  • Maritime

  • Automotive

We develop cutting edge solutions, optimize costs and build a remarkable reputation while in the process striving for excellence in all business conducted.  

We welcome strategic partnerships that will enhance our products and services offering. Our organization is a 100% black owned entity with a level 1 BBBEE status, founded by 88% Women, 24% Youth and 16% People Living with disabilities who are a highly motivated team of individuals.

For the Aerospace sector we provide the following products and services:

  • Manufacturing of Aircraft Parts Fasteners and Structural components

  • Fatigue Enhancement Technology - Laser Shock Peening (LSP)

  • Non-Destructive Testing

  • Aircraft and Locomotives refurbishment (PROJECT ADHOC).

Tel: +27 78 479 1796 Sibongile / +27 76 938 6715 Mulalo / +27 78 260 4950 Siphiwe


About Luvhone
Luvhone Engineering and Consulting Partners (Pty) Limited is a South African company, based in Johannesburg. The company provides niche and high technology solutions within the industry segments of Aerospace, Air Traffic Management, Terrestrial and Satellite Communications, Information and Communication Technologies. The flagship projects that Luvhone has worked on include Africa’s largest nanosatellite ZACube02 satellite ground station system integration and deployment. 
Services portfolio 
Luvhone aims to help its customers to realise operational efficiencies and tap into the African markets through systems engineering and integration of technology, research and development, engineering and service consultancy in specialist skills areas of satellite operations, software applications development, infrastructure implementation and RF systems in UHF, VHF, Ku-band, S-band, X-band.


The company has particular focus in technology areas of: 
• Space systems engineering and integration
• Air Traffic Management and Airport security solutions
• Satellite & Terrestrial Broadcast technology and operations solutions
• RF and EMF evaluation 
• Professional services consultancy in operations management, R&D
• Software applications and solutions 

The company cooperates with multinationals across various countries in Europe and across the Atlantic such as Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Netherlands, US amongst others.  It is woman owned business with high level of engineering skills in Air Traffic Management, Satellite Broadcasting and Terrestrial networks operations spanning more than 60 years combined experience of its engineering professionals. 

For more information on cooperation and prospective business in the Africa Region, please contact us on:

Tel: +27 11 534 8624 
Email: /  


National Airways Corporation (NAC) is the largest general aviation company in Africa and one of the largest of its kind in the world.

NAC offers a full range of aviation products and services to the aircraft and helicopter markets, including new and pre-owned sales, maintenance, parts, charter, international operations, air ambulance services, aircraft leasing and helicopter pilot and technical training.

Established in 1946, NAC’s strength lies in the relationships it has built over seven decades with both clients and suppliers. These robust partnerships enable NAC’s experienced and professional staff to provide market leading, cost effective solutions customised to our clients’ specific requirements.

NAC is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company and is the world’s first Flight Safety Foundation BARS Gold Standard operator.

NAC is based at Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg and operates a South African network of offices at Rand Airport and the Ultimate Heliport in Johannesburg, Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria, the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and Virginia Airport in Durban. NAC’s state of the art Fixed Base Operation (FBO) at Lanseria International Airport (ICAO: FALA) offers clients a comprehensive suite of services, inclusive of aircraft management on a 24/7 basis.Our international operations business has offices in Johannesburg and Malta and our asset ownership and leasing businesses, Awesome Flight Logistics and Awesome Asset Securities are based in Johannesburg and Perth. Specialized Aircraft Services is in Wichita, Kansas, USA.

NAC’s businesses and divisions work in close co-operation and are all supported by central finance, human capital and IT services.

On a combined basis, the NAC group operates almost 100 aircraft.

Phone: +27 (0)11 267 5000


Safomar Industrial Brands is home to the world’s best-known aerospace brands. For over thirty years we have believed in bringing exceptional performing aerospace products to Africa.  

With our exclusive brands and hundreds of products to choose from, SIB is here to serve you.


Effortless ordering and delivery through Stocksmart® with the added value of our Greenleaf Loyalty


Programme means you are never far away from the best product at the right price.


  • PPG aerospace is a leading manufacturer for aerospace applications, delivering new technologies and solutions to the aerospace industry globally.                                     

  • MAPAERO develops and manufactures aircraft coatings.

  • Ceelac are top rated support products that meet the most demanding applications in aerospace.  

  • Socomore specialises in the application of chemical solutions for surface preparation with more than 40 years knowledge in the aerospace Industry.

  • Sherwin Williams Aerospace Coatings provides coating solutions for the aerospace industry. From new construction to a recoat or commercial fleet operation.

Tel: +27 10 593 8920


The Simera Group is a design-focused group of companies specializing in engineering consultation and product development. We possess and mobilize centuries of collective experience among our team members, skilled in the aerospace, precision optical, and automotive domains.

Simera Africa (Pty) Ltd is a Level 2 BEE accredited company that builds on the specialist engineering consultancy and bespoke product development experience of the group. Our expertise lies in optical system design, advanced structural design, simulation and optimization as well as prototype production and testing. Our team possesses significant know-how and experience in developing bespoke space-borne optical systems and specialized unmanned aerial systems (UAS) solutions.


Simera Sense (Pty) Ltd are specialists in developing production-oriented optical 
payloads. Our xScape100 family of spaceborne imagers have unprecedented 
capabilities, capturing the earth in greater detail, more depth and a wider range of spectral bands within a CubeSat form factor. This provides our customers with deeper and more valuable predictive insight, enabling pre-emptive action regarding their environment and commercial interests.


Our South African-registered companies work closely with our internationally-registered sister companies, Simera Innovate GmbH (Switzerland) and Simera Innovate Saudi Arabia, collaborating and assisting each other on  aerospace-oriented projects and Industry 4.0 focused product and production process development, in the European and MENA regions, respectively.


The head office for Simera Group is in Somerset West, where the engineering core resides. This facility boasts with 100 m2 of ISO 7 facilities, dedicated to optical integration and testing, as well as other engineering laboratory space and equipment.

Tel: +27 21 852 6450

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